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1PRAYER OF SATAN Empty PRAYER OF SATAN Bir Çər. Apr. 07, 2010 11:32 pm


It was the darkest time of the night. People and ants were sleeping in their nests. Door of the manless mosquet [church] was covered with dust and it was in solitude sleep , in the infinite darkness and enternal silence of the solitary streets.There was a strange stuffy heat . There was a strange scare in the sleep of this city . This city was like to ugly beauties which adorn in the mornings , but in the evenings they take out their decorations and sleep in their beds . This city was like to puddles after dirty rain . Any living could break this infinite stillness . But 1 brave man broke this silence with his footsteps . The stranger who was covered with black clothes was steping mixing with darkness. His black , long clothes was shuffling on the surface , as if he was pulling this darkness by himself . He opened the door of the mosquet[church] slowly. The door sounded shuddering noise . It was exclaim of mosquet[church]. In the end the mosquet[church] was beremembered . But this joy exclaim turned to sorrow wail suddenly . The mosquet[church] had a guest . But mosquet[church] didn’t wait for this guest .In the face which was covered with black clothes and wasn’t distinguished from the darkness there were shining 2 bloody eyes . It was SATAN.

Satan looked at the dirty carpet of mosquet[church] and dusty Korans[Bibliyas] in yhe bookcases . He was shocked by this view . At his last visit to mosquet[church] many people cursed so much that he couldn’t find way out and run away . But now he was looking at the mosquet[church] and felt sorry for this situation . He felt sorry for his enemies . Suddenly he moved forward and fell on his knees . He didn’t know what he was doing . But he was desparated . He opened his hands and started his prayer.

“Powerful God, it’s already 100000 years that I haven’t prayed to YOU. You know how much I’ve missed for You. I remembered the past time .I remember my prayers to You . I was te nearest to You . I was happy . Then You created HUMAN. And I sinned . It was a big sin . You banished me from there . You gave me hell . No, I didn’t come to repent . My promise is promise . I promised to gather people in my team till the last day . And You promised me to give time . But now everything is different . In the beginning I could confuse the people . But now I can’t do yhis . I can’t make people do bad things . ‘Cuz they do it by themselves . They don’t need me . It makes me feel sad . I feel useless myself . To confuse people - it was the mean of my life . But know I’ ve lost this . I beg You God accept my 1 prayer . I beg You bring to the Earth good people . And I'll try to confuse them . I want to work ..I beg You…

The strange man covered with his black clothes , finished his praying ,dried his tears ,slowly left the mosquet[church] . His black clothes shuffling on the surface mixed with darkness and black clothed stranger disappeared in the under the cover of night.

by Qaraqan[H.O.S.T]

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