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“Black Heart”

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1“Black Heart” Empty “Black Heart” Bir Çər. Apr. 07, 2010 11:36 pm

“Black Heart”

A heart was oppressing by sins. It was humiliating... At times it even tried hard to stop its existence…wanted to surrender…he had no one with it. Was absolutely alone…Each inconsolable beat led to death of its hopes…He just was thinking desperately …who had passed through him…what he had kept alive and what he had made die during its lifetime. The heart had known…he was the only cause of what had happened…even the spirit of the last love he had killed hadn’t left him alone yet. This or another way everyone he had deceived, would question him as well, each tear he caused would turn into the flame and rain onto him. He had known...he had known that it was already too late…He had lived this way and it was just impossible to die differently...And the only thing carved on its grave-stone was “Black Heart”

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